Dr. Linda Lagemann

Media and Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Lagemann provides numerous trainings and briefings throughout the year to a wide range of groups from high school students to government officials. She is a dynamic, informative, and inspiring speaker. She discusses many aspects of the state of the "mental health" field and its impact on the public well-being.

Special interest areas:
Helping parents who have a child who has been labeled with ADHD.
Helping military and veterans through educational briefings that can lead to treatment protocol and policy changes that will reduce suicides and address the needs of these groups.

44th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Conference in Washington, DC. Panel member on the 26th Annual Veterans Braintrust Forum hosted by Representatives Charles Rangel, Sanford Bishop Jr, and Corrine Brown. Invited to the panel by Congresswoman Brown to address the issue of veteran suicides. September 26, 2014.

Radio Appearances:

Link to interview on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley:
(interview begins at the 8 minute 30 second mark)

July 08, 2014 (hour 3)

Link to interview on Assignment America with Betty Kilbride:

Dr. Lagemann has been a guest on numerous radio programs including:
  • "The Jennifer Hammond Show" on Sirius/XM
  • "The Vince Coakley Radio Program" on 106.3WORD in South Carolina
  • "The Power Hour with Joyce Riley"
  • "The Price of ADHD Business" on Bloomberg Radio with Kevin Price and Frank Granett
  • "Assignment America" with Betty Kilbride
  • "The Gun Owners News Hour" with Larry Pratt
  • "Live Fire" with Larry Pratt
  • "Radio Liberty" with Dr. Stanley Montieth
  • "The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show"
  • "The Spingola Zone" with Deanna Spingola
  • "Spingola Speaks" with Deanna Spingola
  • "The Sound of Freedom" with Ryan Brooks
  • "Corporation Nation" with Clint Richardson
  • "Lock n' Load" with Bill Frady
  • TS Radio with Marti Oakley syndicated on AM/FM 247
  • KALW 91.7 FM in San Francisco, California (part of the npr network) on "City Visions"
  • KPOO 89.5 FM in San Francisco, California on "The Ibeji Lounge" with Melonie and Melorra Green
  • WEZO 1230 AM in Augusta, Georgia on "Powers to the People" with Tony Powers and Lee Miller
  • WEZO 1230 Am in Augusta, Georgia on "Talk of the Town" with Doug Allan and Renee deMedicis
  • KCAA 1050 in Southern California on "What's It All About?" with Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel
TV Appearances:

Talk Center America TV. Was a guest twice providing expert commentary on the trial coverage of James Holmes the Aurora Theater/Batman shooter.

Berkeley Community Media TV. Have been on two panels for the program "Education in Our Community" discussing the impact of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry on our culture.

Film Appearances:

Featured in the documentary film American Addict 2, due for release Summer 2015. The original American Addict directed by Sasha Knezev is currently available on Netflix. See the just released trailers for American Addict 2: